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The incandescent bulb is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It is also the first source of light generated by electricity since its invention by Thomas Edison. However, the drawback of the traditional bulb is that it is highly inefficient and wastes a lot of energy.

Being an expert in LED products, SUNSHINE Lighting has introduced a series of filament bulbs Hong Kong products for lamps, which can provide a similar lighting effect while only using one tenth of their energy.

Reliable, effective & efficient

Our LED filament bulbs are proven to be extremely reliable, effective and efficient. Our series of LED products can simulate the effects of the incandescent bulb, while improving its overall aesthetics. Additionally, unlike the traditional filament lighting, which is harmful to the environment, these LED filament lighting options we have designed, do not contain mercury and are more energy-saving than other types of lighting fixtures. This energy-saving and environmentally-friendly solution is the best choice when you are looking for that incandescent effect while saving the environment, and not to mention, even your energy bill at the same time!

We carry various filament bulbs Hong Kong models, with different wattage and colour temperature ranges to meet your specific needs. This includes the candles, A60, ST64, G95, just to name a few from our extensive catalogue. Special-shaped bulbs are equipped with amber glass housing and are suitable for both commercial and home lighting use to create that perfect ambience.

Our series of SUNSHINE Lighting filament bulbs come with a 2-year warranty so rest assured, you can purchase our products with full confidence!

Find that perfect mood and atmosphere

SUNSHINE lighting filament bulbs Hong Kong products are available in both amber and transparent housing, with amber housing specially designed to give off a unique warm glow to enhance the mood of any room environment. This makes our filament bulbs Hong Kong products and designs a good fit to be used as a decoration piece, as the amber light it gives off does create the perfect vintage atmosphere. Our bulbs are also made with a high Colour Rendering Index which can truly reflect the original colours of the objects.

Responding to the fast-changing market, SUNSHINE Lighting has launched a dimmable filament bulbs Hong Kong product series. Customers can simply install the dimmable bulbs and be able to dim them with most existing wall dimmers. Now you can further adjust the mood of the room with a simple press or twist of the dimmer switch, much like what you can do with incandescent bulbs in order to create the atmosphere that you desire through our filament bulbs.

Filament bulbs perfect for every environment

Renovating your home to become an oasis of calm? Installing a few filament bulbs in the venue can transform your otherwise mundane house into a magical, amber-hued land. Some of our LED filament bulb models come shaped like diamonds, candle flames, and golf balls. Their surfaces are faceted to add a unique old-fashioned, elegant aesthetic, that will elevate the sophistication of your home in no time. The soft and dim light from the bulbs will also ensure you don’t receive any sharp, glaring illumination that can hinder your relaxation.

These LED filament bulbs also make an amazing addition to the aesthetics of any hospitality set-up, be it a spa, hotel or resort, etc. You can create the ambiance of luxury and rejuvenation without investing a fortune in building a bespoke venue. Instead, let the gentle lighting of our filament bulbs give your business a premium appearance. At SUNSHINE Lighting, our LED filament bulbs Hong Kong products come in numerous designs such as double helixes and columns, allowing you to create the bespoke aesthetics you desire.

Our LED filament bulbs have a long lifecycle of 15,000 working hours. They don’t need to be replaced often and are completely flicker-free, giving you a comfortable illumination experience.

About our filament bulb Hong Kong products – FAQ:

How does an LED filament bulb differ from a regular filament bulb?

A traditional filament bulb works by generating light through heat. An electrical current is passed through the tungsten filament in the traditional filament bulb and the heating of this filament produces light.

In the LED filament bulbs that we sell at SUNSHINE Lighting, the bulbs contain filament lined with LED diodes, which are then coated in a transparent material (like glass). These LED diode-lined filaments are coated with phosphor, which transforms the blue-colored light from the LED diodes into the amber-colored light that is characteristic of traditional filament bulbs.

Can LED filament bulbs be attached to the ceiling?

Yes, they can. The great thing about LED filament lighting is that they are highly versatile. From fitting the bulbs into a lampshade to installing them on the ceiling to fixing them onto the wall, you can do absolutely anything you want.

The light produced by LED filament bulbs is extremely eye-friendly and suitable for people of all ages, in a variety of settings – residential, commercial or industrial.

Can you install LED filament bulbs directly into any existing socket?

Yes, you can. While the construction of the filament bulb is different from other lighting fixtures, they are operated similarly to other bulbs and lamps. All you need to do is attach it to the socket and you’re good to go.

However, some of the filament bulb Hong Kong designs we sell at SUNSHINE Lighting are slightly higher in weight compared to other bulbs and lamps. You may need to reinforce the sockets or lamp holders or replace them entirely, to ensure your new LED filament bulbs can be used right from day one. Be sure to read our specifications before purchasing your product.

Do LED filament bulbs have any special maintenance requirements?

No, they don’t. Just like the other LED products we sell at SUNSHINE Lighting, LED filament bulbs don’t have any special maintenance needs. Our filament bulbs in Hong Kong are designed to last for months and are completely flicker-free. They offer both daylight color and warm-whitish color temperatures, making them ideal for all times of the day/night. Browse through our extensive selection of LED filament bulbs and lamps today!

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