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Looking for an aesthetic and functional lighting system to brighten your home or office space? Going with LED downlights in Hong Kong is one of the best solutions available.

Nowadays, LED downlights have become a popular choice for lighting in a variety of both household and industrial settings. Since LED downlight fittings can be inserted into the ceiling, it makes it both suitable and convenient to be used in home apartments or many office environments.

Moreover, LED downlights in HK can provide you with the flexibility to use them as a functional lighting or mood lighting in different areas of your location by illuminating the room evenly or having it as a focused light source in order to generate specific effects. Want to create a romantic atmosphere for a date? Your LED downlight can be dimmable and adjusted to create the perfect ambiance. Need your employees’ desks to have the perfect illumination all day long? LED downlights are powerful and long lasting, making budget-friendly lighting solutions for your workplace.

Buy premium LED downlights in Hong Kong

SUNSHINE Lighting has developed and launched different types of downlights in Hong Kong to fulfil different customers’ needs in various environments. Our LED downlights are available in different wattages (from 5W-20W), cut hole sizes, as well as beam angles. We have various color temperatures ranging from warm to cool, which makes our product perfect for use, no matter what time of the day/night it is. Some of our specific LED downlight HK product series are also dimmable or adjustable, so users can enjoy even more flexibility in creating their desired lighting effects for different areas.

The downlights by SUNSHINE Lighting are designed keeping in mind the current interior design trends for both residential and commercial constructions. Our LED downlights will effortlessly merge with your interiors and give your property a beautiful and elegant finish. Browse through our website and order today in Hong Kong.

Industry-leading features with 1 year warranty

So, what makes SUNSHINE Lighting LED downlight Hong Kong products so popular?

Firstly, we have incorporated a slim and simple design aesthetic across our entire product range. This coupled with a simplified installation process allows it to be the perfect fit for any home or office. Secondly, for a seamless purchase and installation experience, we have put our focus on the details of different series individually to ensure our LED downlight HK products can fit both with existing fittings or new installations.

When compared with the other downlights in the market, SUNSHINE Lighting LED downlight Hong Kong products offer a longer life span and lower power consumption. This means that we will help you to effectively save more cost in both energy consumption and installation in the long run. Also, in order to give our clients additional confidence when purchasing our LED products, we provide a one year warranty on our entire product series. Let us light up your world!

*Safety Reminder* Although the installation of SUNSHINE Lighting’s LED downlight products is a relatively simple process, the installation should be conducted by a certified electrical worker. Also, as a safety precaution, please be sure to turn off the main power before any installation takes place.

LED 可調角度筒燈 12W

About our LED downlight products – FAQ:

Why choose LED downlights over other types of lighting features?

LED downlights offer a number of advantages that other types of lights do not offer, such as:

They save 85% more energy compared to traditional halogen lighting features.
They consume 30% less energy compared to CFL lights.
They have a lifespan between 10,000 & 15,000 hours depending on the LED downlight model you purchase.
They are perfect for all types of lighting conditions and have both warm and cool temperatures.

At what ceiling height should the downlight be installed?

The ceiling height for installing your LED downlights depends on the light beam width. Downlights with a narrower beam surface (around 40°) hit the ground much sharper than downlights with a wider beam surface (around 120°). So, if you’re using a narrow beam LED downlight, it’s important to have a higher ceiling and vice versa.

Should the LED downlight in Hong Kong be fire rated?

A fire rated LED downlight isn’t mandatory everywhere. However, certain residential blocks and commercial properties do require fire rated downlights. Additionally, choosing a fire rated LED downlight in HK can be a life saving measure.

Ideally, any downlight that offers a fire rating between 60 minutes and 120 minutes works great, since it indicates how long your downlight can withstand the presence of the fire, without short circuiting.

How many LED downlights do I need to purchase?

This depends on the type of lumen output your chosen downlight has and the type of space you are trying to illuminate. Usually, a downlight with 700-750 lumen with a wide beam angle over 60° is quite powerful and can cover 1.5-2 meters of surface area. Spot downlights with beam angles between 25° and 60°, will illuminate a smaller surface. You can choose how many downlights you need for each room, based on these numbers. Additionally, the type of furniture you have will also determine how many LED downlights in Hong Kong you need to purchase. Darker walls and furniture absorb light more than lighter-colored walls and furniture. So having more lights isn’t necessarily helpful in this case, but rather the position you install the downlight in.

At SUNSHINE Lighting, we have LED downlights with lumen outputs from 400 to 1800. So, no matter how big your property and whatever your illumination needs, you can rest assured that we have various models for you to choose from. If you are not sure what type of downlight to choose and how many to buy, you can always write to us for assistance. We look forward to helping you.

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