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When there is work to be done, desk lamps can provide a targeted lighting source so one can focus on the task at hand.

SUNSHINE Lighting understands that different customers may have different needs when it comes to a desk lamp Hong Kong product for daily use. A desk lamp is seldom designed to be just a table lamp and must include additional valuable features too. This can include in-built features such as a cell phone charger, dimmable function, color-changing function, a clamp to secure it on a table, pen holders, etc. Hence, we have tried our best to offer a wide variety of LED desk lamp Hong Kong models in order to cater to different needs in this specific area.

LED 護目檯燈夾燈

Brighten up your work space with wide illumination

At SUNSHINE Lighting, we have a variety of wide beam illumination lighting features such as the Slender Premium, Power, Glamour and Epoch variants. Each comes with a variety of built-in features:

Looking for a simple desk lamp in HK that offers different color temperatures? The Slender Basic is cost-effective and functional.
Want to wake up on time to study for an examination? Choose Epoch for a desk lamp Hong Kong with an alarm clock and calendar function.
Need to save space? Don’t compromise on your lighting. The Power model comes with a folding arm and touch switch design.
Combine the best of both Epoch and Power for a brilliant desk lamp Hong Kong and buy the Glamour model for folding lamp arm, calendar and alarm clock features.

Stylish & high-tech – Our Cosmo Premium desk lamp

If you want to have a stylish and high-tech desk lamp Hong Kong product, our COSMO PREMIUM is definitely a good choice for you. Apart from the handy flexible lamp arm feature, there are 5 levels of dimming and colour-changing functions to provide different lighting effects, which allows you to have the flexibility to adjust it to the most comfortable setting that is just right for you in that environment.

Our innovative LED table lamp Hong Kong products also includes a high-definition VA screen with calendar and alarm clock function, in particular the most useful function is the QI wireless charging feature. If your phone supports wireless charging, you can simply put your phone onto the lamp base and charging will commence automatically. The product definitely boasts a stylish design that will fit into any household or office environment!

If you want an alternative to the Cosmo Premium desk lamp, why not consider our Slender Premium model? Coming with a wireless charging feature and three colour temperatures, with a dimming function, it can make your work seem absolutely effortless.

LED 護眼檯燈讀書燈

Spotlight your work with our Eco range of desk lamps in Hong Kong

Working on miniatures? Need illumination for needlework? Do you require sharp lighting at a fixed spot on your desk? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll find that our Eco Classic and Eco Smart desk lamp HK variants are perfect for you.

Both table lamps HK designs come with a rechargeable battery, dimming function and flexible arm. But the Eco Smart comes with the added feature of smart colour temperature, which allows you to adjust the lighting as the day progresses.

Flicker free to reduce eye strain

Since desk lamps are designed to mostly function in very close proximity to the eyes, and in a lot of instances, close to the eyes of children in particular, we have taken extra special precautions to ensure that all of SUNSHINE Lighting’s desk lamp Hong Kong products are designed to be flicker-free to effectively reduce eye strain, and to provide better overall protection to the eyes from any potential damage in the long term.

LED 檯燈

About our desk lamp Hong Kong products – FAQ:

How long do LED desk lamps last?

By design, the Hong Kong desk lamps by SUNSHINE lighting have an operational lifespan between 10,000 & 15,000 hours. You will need to replace your desk lamps only after they reach this usage duration.

How do I choose the best desk lamp for my desk?

The best desk lamps typically have a CRI between 85 & 100. You should also base your decision on the size of your desk. While larger desks can support wider/longer lamp bases, it’s best to buy smaller and circular desk lamps for smaller desks. The lamp you choose should be just over your head and out of your line of sight, as you bend down to work. Neither below your eye level nor much above your head, as that can affect lighting quality.

How do we choose a desk lamp for people in their golden years or those wearing glasses?

People with weak or aging eyes require a higher degree of desk illumination. Ideally, your table lamp in HK should have a high CRI and high contrast. Plus, it should have 3 or more color temperatures with a dimming feature, so you can adjust the lighting to prevent eye pain or discomfort. At SUNSHINE Lighting, we have designed a variety of flicker-free LED desk lamp Hong Kong models, which are suitable for use for people with weak and aging eyesight.

How should the LED desk lamp HK product be assembled?

At SUNSHINE Lighting, we only stock pre-assembled desk lamps in HK. You will not need to assemble your lamp once it is delivered to you. All you need to do is take it out of the packaging and plug it into an electrical source and you’re good to go. Our objective is to provide you economical, aesthetic, and eye-friendly desk lamps in Hong Kong that you’ll love to use.

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