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SUNSHINE Lighting has been providing a large variety of lighting solutions since 1993. As LED ceiling bulbs and lamps are becoming increasingly popular, and to meet the demands of the end consumer, we have expanded our product range to include a wide variety of ceiling light designs and fixtures for our clients.

Industry-leading ceiling light product features

We currently offer 3 ceiling light product series, which are: single-color temperature series, color-switch series, and our remote-controlled series with color-changing and dimming functions. Our entire ceiling light HK product series offers an extra-long lifespan with extra energy saving properties when compared to other conventional ceiling lighting solutions offered on the market. All SUNSHINE Lighting ceiling light fixtures come with a high Colour Rendering Index, which allows our products to truly reflect the original colors of objects. They are also suitable for usage in both commercial and household settings.

To meet the needs of our clients for ceiling lights Hong Kong, we have especially developed a wide variety of models and wattages for customers to choose from. Whether it be a circular, square, diamond, or other shapes and sizes, we are confident that we have something that meets your specific needs. SUNSHINE Lighting is a one stop shop that offers the flexibility for you to equip or decorate your entire home with a wide variety of ceiling lighting products.

With our products, peace of mind is assured which allows you to enjoy an enhanced quality of life by lighting your home properly and safely. We are 100% confident in the quality of our products, as a result, we offer a 1 year warranty to our entire ceiling lamp series. We hope SUNSHINE Lighting’s products can be your go-to brand for decorating your home.

Skip the switch and grab the remote

Getting up repeatedly to switch on, switch off and dim your ceiling lights, can be quite cumbersome. For some customers, this may be physically demanding. At SUNSHINE Lighting, our priority is in giving you ceiling lighting designs and features that aren’t just pretty to look at, but also easy-to-use. All of the ceiling lamps, bulbs, and other lights we sell are completely remote-controlled. Now you don’t have to keep getting up to operate your ceiling lighting fixtures and installations. Instead, just pick up your remote and adjust your lighting requirements from the comfort of where you’re seated or sleeping.

Ceiling lighting that’s perfect for kids and older customers

A child’s eyes are sensitive due to their youthful age. An older individual might experience eye sensitivity due to his/her age. Choosing ceiling light fixtures in Hong Kong for your family can be difficult when you have people of all ages in the family. But that’s where SUNSHINE Lighting’s ceiling light Hong Kong products can help you.

Our LED ceiling lighting fixtures have specialized tri-tone lighting which enables you to create the perfect illumination that is gentle on the eyes and comfortable to see. Now you’ll be able to control how your ceiling lighting illuminates the different rooms in your home, in a way that is ideal for all members of your family.

But this isn’t all. Our ceiling bulbs and lamps come in narrow and wide illumination, in single and multi-tones. They are perfectly suitable for people using glasses and having eyesight conditions. Now, your employees will be able to comfortably and effortlessly see their computer screens, without experiencing glare. Extended device usage won’t affect their eyesight or productivity and will ensure their eye power, concentration and performance won’t be adversely affected because of lighting.

LED 開關調色吸頂燈 LTCLD(T) 38W

Stay tuned for our new ceiling light products and designs

In the coming year, we will keep introducing new ceiling light Hong Kong products, so be sure to keep an eye out for the latest news and developments on our official website and social media accounts!

*Safety Reminder* Although installation of the SUNSHINE Lighting product is a relatively simple process; the installation should be conducted by a certified electrician. For safety reasons, please be sure to turn off the main power before any ceiling light installation takes place.

About our ceiling light Hong Kong products – FAQ:

Do I need to install false ceilings for my LED ceiling light fixtures?

No, it isn’t necessary to build a false ceiling before installing ceiling lamps and lighting. Your ceiling installations will work just fine even without a false ceiling. However, having a false ceiling can give you a classier finish and uplift the appearance of your property.

Do ceiling bulbs and lamps contain mercury?

The ceiling light fixtures we stock at SUNSHINE Lighting are made using LED technology that does not contain any mercury. This makes your ceiling lighting extremely energy-saving and sustainable. You can purchase our long-lasting and budget-friendly LED ceiling lighting fixtures without worry.

Can ceiling light fixtures be mounted onto ceiling fans?

Yes, they can. In fact, they are popular choices for many homes and offices, because they bring a level of sophistication to the property. Depending on the size and design of your ceiling fan and the aesthetics you want to create, you can choose from various shapes and sizes of ceiling installations.

What are the two most common mistakes people make when installing ceiling light fixtures in Hong Kong?

The two most common mistakes that people sometimes make – and what you need to avoid – when fitting LED ceiling lights are:

Choosing the fixture of the wrong size – The correct ceiling light fixture can make your room look bigger and more spacious than it is. So, always measure the ceiling height and width before selecting your lighting fixtures.

Wall and ceiling colors – Darker colored walls and ceiling absorb more light. So, your LED ceiling light fixtures might actually cast a darker glow than normal, because of the limited reflection. Choose how many fixtures you get, depending on the colors of the walls and ceiling.

At SUNSHINE Lighting, we’ll be able to help you make an informed decision about your LED ceiling Hong Kong lighting needs. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.

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