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Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies (or similar technologies) are certain pieces of information containing unique reference numbers that a website transfers to your device to be stored on your device and sometimes track your data. The series of cookies we use only remain for the duration of your visit to the website (“short-term cookies”) and terminate when you close your browser. Other cookies are used to remember you when you return to our website ( (collectively, our website) and these cookies are retained for longer periods of time (“long-term cookies”). Cookies cannot operate programs or transmit viruses to your computer. They are uniquely sent to your device and sent back to the originating website each time you return to the site (e.g. they are older than a single view) or other websites that recognize the cookie.
Some of the cookies used on our website are set by us and some by third parties who provide services on our behalf, such as online marketing and data analytics service providers.


The purpose of our use of cookies

Our website uses the following categories of cookies:

Category 1: Required Cookies

This category of cookies is necessary to enable you to navigate our website and use its features (e.g. access to the Members Area or paid areas). Without these cookies, we cannot provide services such as “password-free” login or shopping bags. As these cookies are necessary for the use of the website, they cannot be turned off, otherwise it will seriously affect your use of the website.

Category 2: Performance cookies

This category of cookies collects data that does not contain personal information about the use of our website by the general public. For example, we use Google Analytics cookies to help us understand how customers arrive, browse or use our website and to tell us how to optimize the website, such as site navigation, shopping experience and marketing strategies. The data carried by these cookies does not contain any personal information that can identify you.

Category 3: Functional Cookies

This category of cookies records your choices, such as the country, language and search parameters from which you visit our website. This data is used to provide an experience that is more relevant to your choices and to make your browsing more tailored and enjoyable. The data collected by these cookies can be anonymized and they cannot monitor your browsing activities on other websites.

Category 4: Targeted cookies or marketing cookies

These cookies collect data about your browsing preferences in order to provide you with marketing information that is more relevant to you and your preferences. They can also be used to limit the number of times you see an ad and help measure the effectiveness of a campaign. These cookies are usually set by third-party marketing networks. They record the websites you visit and share this information with other parties, such as marketers. For example, we use third-party companies such as Forward3D to provide you with more personalized advertising when you browse other websites.

Social Media Cookies

This category of cookies allows you to share your activities on the website on social media (e.g. Facebook and Twitter). These cookies are not under our control. Please refer to the relevant privacy policy to understand how these cookies work.


How to refer to your cookie settings and edit them

If you want to delete any cookies already on your device, please refer to the help and support area of your browser to find the folder or directory where cookies are stored.

See the relevant links for your browser below:


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Please note that if you delete our cookies or disable future cookies, you may not be able to use certain features of this website or access certain areas.

(Only applicable to visitors from the European Union) Please click on the “Cookie Settings” link above the Cookies banner at the bottom of the web page or the “Cookie Settings” link in the menu at the bottom of the website to manage your cookie consent settings.

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