About Us

Sunshine Lightings
Established in 1984。

Ever since then, we have been focusing on the development of lighting products. With a factory of 1000 staff and a capacity of producing 6 million lamps a month we have been providing the world with innovative and affordable products. For nearly three decades, we have been on the forefront of the lighting industry, providing lighting and electrical solutions for different segments of the market.

Vast amount of resources have been put into the development of unique products, with most of our inspirations spawning from our client’s and partner’s needs. Our products are able to meet demands of different sectors of the market which has led us to develop at a quick pace. We will remain a good listener and create value for both our clients and partners as we grow together.

As we continue to expand into different markets and product categories, we have reinvented ourselves and have included electrical and lifestyle products in our assortment. We hope to make an impact in this world, and we will do so one household at a time.




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