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An Innovative LED lighting Hong Kong Company

Light bulbs and innovative lighting solutions are what we excel at, and what initially established our LED lighting company’s strong reputation in the industry. With SUNSHINE Lighting’s initial focus on light bulbs Hong Kong, we have since expanded our product range to cover many other household and industrial segments in the LED lighting Hong Kong industry. Our goal is to provide the best LED light solutions to our clients in order to improve the quality of life for our end consumers.

With the ever-changing nature of LED lighting designs, technology and to improve people’s quality of life, SUNSHINE Lighting has recently launched a smart light series to fulfil the different needs of the market. The smart light is controlled by the RF remote, containing color-changing, diming and night light functions. Customers can control the lamps from where they are without the need to walk over to a wall switch, making it more convenient for day to day use.

SUNSHINE Lighting also has a vast range of products in our development pipeline including an APP to control lamps via cell phone and smart switches which don’t require any connection. The benefits offered from our product range are extensive. With an ever-evolving product catalogue, user-friendly functions and immense capabilities, you will come back often to buy from us again. Visit our website to see our product updates at SUNSHINE LED lighting Hong Kong!

Our industry-leading SUNSHINE light bulbs

With streamlined, patented designs, SUNSHINE has a wide range of LED lighting as well as light bulbs Hong Kong products that offer an array of benefits to suit your household and lifestyle needs. With an excellent minimum life expectancy and CRI of 80 and above, SUNSHINE LED light fixtures can stand the test and outlast the competition, and also reflect the true color of objects.

What’s more, our LED bulbs Hong Kong can also effectively save more than 80% of energy when compared to conventional lighting. We have carefully sourced and selected only the best materials to be used in the making of our LED and light bulb products, which in turn has enabled us to confidently provide a 2-year warranty quality assurance on the entire series of SUNSHINE Lighting LED light fixtures, making us your go-to-choice for premium lighting products in Hong Kong.

Tired of having to change your existing light installations often? Here’s the best news. Since they’re made using a patented design and premium-quality materials, our LED light fixtures have an operational lifespan of up to a whopping 15,000 hours! Now you won’t have to keep replacing your light fixtures repeatedly and so it saves a lot of cost on lighting. Our LED lighting fixtures have the advantage of being not only energy saving, but also flicker-free and are designed to offer you a steady output of lighting during every use. You can expect strong illumination until the very end of your light bulbs’ lifespan.

Activate LED lighting based on motion

That’s right! At SUNSHINE Lighting, we also offer LED lighting advantages where they are motion sensor operational. All you need to do is set up the motion sensor feature during installation and your lighting will respond to the presence of any person or pet, who walks into the room.

Safe & easy installation within minutes

We understand how cumbersome it can be to re-do the entire electrical system of your home or office place when changing lighting systems. To make things easy for you, SUNSHINE Lighting have designed LED light bulbs Hong Kong to be compatible with both existing and completely new wiring. All you need to do is plug your bulbs into the sockets and switch on your LED lighting system. It’s that simple. There’s no need to re-do your wiring and sockets when you purchase from us at SUNSHINE Lighting. You can even use dimmable LED light bulbs in an old fashioned non-dimmable switch, without any worries.

In addition to this, some of our light bulb’s variants are magnetic modules and can be easily assembled or disassembled using magnets.

About our LED lighting products – FAQ:

What type of LED lights does SUNSHINE Lighting sell?

At SUNSHINE Lighting, we are a reputed LED lighting Hong Kong provider, stocking a variety of LED light fixtures in various designs. You can find the following LED light fixtures with us:

  • LED traditional light fixtures
  • LED candles
  • LED filaments
  • LED UFO lamps
  • LED ceiling fan lamps
  • LED ceiling lights

Our LED lighting Hong Kong products are designed to uplift the illumination and appearance of your residential or commercial property. Designed to seamlessly fit in with the rest of your interiors, our LED light fixtures will look extremely elegant, while also allowing you to see better.

What type of LED light bulbs should I buy for different rooms?

Residential properties often have access to natural light and you may not want warmer whitish-colored temperature from your light fixtures. Buying LED light bulbs with cooler colors is better since they create a more peaceful and relaxing ambiance in your house.

However, if you are buying our SUNSHINE Lighting LED light bulbs Hong Kong for office use, then we recommend choosing ones with 3-6 different lighting colors. This way, you can mimic both daylight and offer different lighting options as the day progresses. The choice of having lights that can be dimmed manually ensures you can take care to prevent computer glare from affecting your employees’ eyesight.

Do you offer an extension socket along with our LED light bulb purchase?

SUNSHINE Lighting doesn’t provide complimentary extension sockets with your purchase of the light installations at this time. However, you can purchase premium-quality 3, 4, and 5-outlet extension sockets from our website to power your LED lighting fixtures.

Our extension sockets come with an indicator light to show whether it’s switched on or off. The insulated pins, fire-retardant body, and safety shutter make the sockets extremely safe to use.

Highly affordable and aesthetically designed, these extension sockets will make a great addition to your home or office space.

Can LED lights burst when they become too hot?

The LED light bulbs in Hong Kong by SUNSHINE Lighting have been designed to keep user safety and comfort in mind. We know that many of our clients use our LED light fixtures for commercial use and therefore we have made our bulbs using temperature-resistant materials. This means, your LED light bulbs can withstand high temperatures without bursting like other bulbs. Additionally, many of our LED lighting Hong Kong models have benefits like being fire rated and can withstand very high temperatures for between 30 & 120 minutes.

Browse through our website and find LED lighting installations that meet your bespoke illumination requirements.